Bramble Berry Tales: Breathing New Life Into Old Characters

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Hats off to the good people at digital content house Rival Schools for producing the CHARACTERIZED show package. Rival Schools is an independent agency and production house, currently working on the Bramble Berry Tales series of children's books.

The Next Frontier of Storytelling

Stories have been told through generations, evolving endlessly with new ways to tell them. Rival Schools welcomes this ideology with open arms and says hello to digital age! Introducing Bramble Berry Tales, an interactive digital adaptation of Squamish folktales. The language is slowly dying and the proprietors of these folktales were worried that they would fade away to the next generation... unless they brought it to them.

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By devolping an interactive app, children and story goers alike can experience these tales in a whole new light... probably one from a retina display. Check out their feature on CBC to find out more about this step in to the next frontier of storytelling.

Meet The Characters

Bramble Berry Tales follows a series of folktales meant to harbor a message that children can take a lesson from. An infusion of a children's stories with the scary bedtime element, kids can experience these timeless tales through a medium that they're familiar with and are excited about. Some kids know how to navigate an iPad better than their parents, which makes this project truly an innovate and progressive step forward to protect, preserve, and teach a dying language.

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Kalkalilh the fearsome cannibal mountain woman. This story specifically teaches a lesson learned young: Don't talk to strangers! Kalkalilh is known to pose as regular strangers and lure children in with candy, only to end up eating them!


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You might know him as "Big Foot" or even the "Yeti" but around these parts, Bramble Berry Tales know him as the Sasquatch: An ape-like gentle giant that very few have reported seeing. Possibly the most famous of the Squamish tales, Sasquatch sightings have been making news for decades and now they're making tablets as this mystical creature finds new life in animation.


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They like to play pranks on the unsuspecting and are generally harmless; that is, unless you disrespect them. The Little People's tale is one where we can learn about respect, more so to not judge a book by its cover. These little guys, though small, possess super human speed and strength, thus making them an adversary we shouldn't underestimate!

Rival Schools

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