Ramzi Boudemagh Wins CHARACTERIZED @ FMX Alter-Ego Design Contest With “Planet of the Humans”

posted 28 Apr 2014 image description

This year at FMX, in partnership with HP and Intel, we hosted the "Alter Ego” Design Contest, challenging attendees to create a 2D or 3D original alternative personality to an existing character for a chance to win a Cintiq 13HD Pen Display courtesy of Wacom!

Over the weekend, our esteemed panel of judges including Andrea Block & Chris Haas of LUXX Studios, Matthias Zabiegly of AixSponza, Rebecca-Louise Leybourne of The Imaginarium Studios, Rob Redman of 3D World at Future Publishing, and Mate Steinforth of SEHSUCHT chose a winner and 5 honorable mentions.

Congratulations to Ramzi Boudemagh for winning with his spin on Planet of the Apes – "Planet of the Humans", created with ZBrush 4R6.

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"Planet of the Humans" by Ramzi Boudemagh

Honorable Mentions

image description

Alessandro Rak

image description

"Twisted Charlie Brown" by Marie Kumpulainen

image description

"Old and Grumpy Picachu" by Morten Jaeger

image description

"Evil Batman" by Henning Sanden

image description

"Punky Powerpuff Girl" by Anna-Saida Koskiluoma


Check out all design contest entries and photos here!


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