Crowded Teeth’s Illustrations & A Glimpse Into Her Upcoming Interactive Installation

posted 07 Feb 2013 image description

You might’ve seen some of these cute guys featured on bags and t-shirts at various stores like Loungefly and ModCloth.

The mastermind behind these fun designs is Michelle Romo / Crowded Teeth. This self-taught character designer / illustrator is fueled by cookies and naps and is influenced by Mid-Century, Japanese, and Scandinavian design, along with pretty much anything cute.

Before Michelle started licensing her work to other companies, she basically ran a one-woman design-manufacturing-distribution company where she learned that what she wants to do is create, not spend time ticketing shirts and trying to get things through customs!

Now, when she isn’t sleeping, she’s creating (and spending time with her cats Hurts & Morgan and husband Jason).

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So how does Michelle’s process usually work? When she gets an idea, she starts with a very loose sketch and then sits in front of the computer to fine-tune the details. Check out how these illustrations started out.

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Sneak Peek @ Crowded Teeth's Upcoming Installation

Michelle is going to be part of an art show soon! Everything's still a little hush-hush, but check out what she's making for this interactive installation.

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She's building about 50 of them, and the plaques on the top are interchangeable. So it's going to be like an interactive installation where you can change around the guy's thoughts. Each plaque will have a nice saying on one side and a mean one on the other.

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