Nick Sheehy’s Process & Sketches For The “Edgar Allan Poe” Exhibit In Berlin

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Australian-born artist and illustrator Nick Sheehy explores the dreamlike, sometimes semi-autobiographical scenes and oddball characters that echo from his childhood imagination.

Employing a laborious technique, building up layers of texture and thin colour, his work infuses precision and attention to detail with random abstraction and clumsiness. He enjoys drawing various weird things for himself, exhibitions, publications and occasionally the odd client.

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The Process of Starting a New Project

When it comes to commercial work, Nick first determines the final dimensions of the piece and then thinks about what he could show in that shape. Nick says, "If you set one simple rule for yourself, then you can get a lot of freedom dancing around that rule." With his sketchbook always in hand, he usually sketches ideas and pieces things together until something interesting comes out. For new projects it’s usually a matter of assembling elements together to fit the new project’s context.

Nick's Explanation of 'Red Death'

"I have been invited to contribute to Those Who Dream By Day, an exhibition to be held by the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin. The theme of the exhibition is based around the stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Artists were asked to choose a story by Poe and provide an interpretation. I chose the Masque of the Red Death as I enjoyed the darker themes to the story, which provided many visual hooks to work with. First I was planning a literal interpretation, but after many sketches I ended up in a place slightly removed from the original story; an alternate realisation of Poe's vision distilled through my own dream-like distortion."

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