Ryan Quincy Introduces Us To His New Animated Series “Out There”

posted 04 Feb 2013 image description

Two-time Emmy award winning animation director & producer for South Park Ryan Quincy has a new project underway! He’s been working on his own animated show, Out There, which premiered on IFC last month.

Ryan’s personal work combines elements of the ordinary and the strange, and features a cast of hairy, animalistic characters. How they look on the outside is a reflection of how they feel on the inside. It’s a world of childlike innocence mixed with the bizarre and melancholy that make you smile and sometimes cringe.

Out There

Out There is a coming-of-age animation (think Freaks & Geeks, except animated & non-human) about Chad, his little brother Jay, and his best friend Chris. It’s all about small town boys experiencing adolescence and everything frustrating, wonderful, & terrifying about it. Production’s been busy, but Ryan gave us a quick glimpse of how their process has been via photos!

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