The Guys of Argentina-Based Studio DGPH Tell Us How They Create Together

posted 05 Feb 2013 image description

Diego, Andres, and Martin - the guys of DGPH, a design studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina - are all about graphic and visual experimentation. They pull their weirdest character designers and turn them into real life pieces like toys, tees or even socks.

As a 3-person team, what’s your process like?

Our ideas just pop out of nowhere. Usually from something really simple like an animal, character, or some internet phrase or picture. And then we all try to work on the piece together and some up with a story or concept behind it. Maybe the group process is what makes our pieces so funny. Since Diego and Martin are graphic designers, they normally start with a vector illustration and then Andres (the industrial designer of the team) turns this illustration into a 3D image and them we finalize the work into an animation or a physical product like a vinyl toy.

Wooden Toys Workshop

DGPH held a workshop at Moebius Liceo Galeria where a group of 40 students created wooden toys in 3 steps.

Each participant received tips on how to design their character (animal, human, robot?). They used different materials and techniques (papers, scissors, brushes, inks, pencils, and markers).


The second step was to transform the character done in paper into a volume using different shapes of wooden blocks.


We made an exhibition with the figures done during the workshop.

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DGPH has realized more than 20 exhibitions, conferences, and workshops in different galleries, events and universities, taking its knowledge on design, characters, and illustration all over the world.


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